Thursday, December 2, 2010

Taste Of Christmas

I was very excited about going to Taste Of Christmas that took place in the convention centre in Dublin this year. I was amazed by a similar event in the summer time, that was called Taste of Dublin where I had so much fun and actually bought fantastic spices for making great dips and spreads.

That's the Convention Centre in Dublin. What a cool building, isn't it?

After being on Taste of Christmas a couple of minutes, I started to feel the Christmassy atmosphere, I tasted delicious Gnocchi with Wild Boar Ragú, Juicy Beef Steak with lovely pepper sauce and of course I had mulled wine as well! I also went to see very amusing cooking show with famous chefs! I learned a few things about cooking traditional Christmas Turkey and got inspiration for a few other dishes, that I’d love to cook and publish on my blog one day.

One of the funniest cooking shows I've seen so far!

Tasty Crab Meat Coctail

Yummy Beef Steak with Spicy Pepper Sauce

If you like nice food and free samples, I totally recommend you to go there next year!

Dinner Party

Saturday morning started a bit wrong! I woke up early, because I had to bake Lemon Drizzle Cake that I wanted to serve later in the evening. I am still not used to the oven and I burned the top of the cake a little bit. After lowering the temperature and placing the cake on a lower level in the oven, it turned out to be quite ok, not as perfect as it was the last time, but ok.

Then I started making traditional Swedish cheese pie, which I thought would turn out beautiful, since I have been baking similar pies over a year, but I didn’t know, that I was supposed to put at least 3 times more cheese than was used in the recipe. When I saw the reaction of the Swedish pie expert who tasted it later in the evening, I realized that something wasn’t right. LACK OF CHEESE! Well, we all learn from our mistakes. At the end it was a lovely party and I learned something new again!

Swedish Christmas Market

Waking up after a cosy dinner party wasn't as easy after a couple of glasses of red wine, but what I saw from the window made me feel like a little boy again. Snow was everywhere, the sun was shining and I got very excited about going to the Swedish market. Since our friends couldn't get their cars working, we had to walk. It took us about an hour and half, but It was so worth it. When we got to the place that smelled of mulled wine I couldn't wish for more.It was a perfect first sunday of Advent. Thank you SWEA for organizing such a nice event. I will defo come back next year, ecpecially for the unusual Rose Hip Soup!