Thursday, December 2, 2010

Taste Of Christmas

I was very excited about going to Taste Of Christmas that took place in the convention centre in Dublin this year. I was amazed by a similar event in the summer time, that was called Taste of Dublin where I had so much fun and actually bought fantastic spices for making great dips and spreads.

That's the Convention Centre in Dublin. What a cool building, isn't it?

After being on Taste of Christmas a couple of minutes, I started to feel the Christmassy atmosphere, I tasted delicious Gnocchi with Wild Boar Ragú, Juicy Beef Steak with lovely pepper sauce and of course I had mulled wine as well! I also went to see very amusing cooking show with famous chefs! I learned a few things about cooking traditional Christmas Turkey and got inspiration for a few other dishes, that I’d love to cook and publish on my blog one day.

One of the funniest cooking shows I've seen so far!

Tasty Crab Meat Coctail

Yummy Beef Steak with Spicy Pepper Sauce

If you like nice food and free samples, I totally recommend you to go there next year!

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