Monday, January 17, 2011

One Of The Best Salads Ever

"Californian" salad, as they call it at one lovely restaurant in Dundrum, is just Delicious. I have eaten it probably 1000 times and never got bored of it! I once tried to make it at home and I have to admit, that the one in Dundrum is much better. It must be the dressing they use or the ham, but I will ask one of the waiters one day and sneak the secret ingredient on my blog :) It's beautiful summery salad with my favourite avocado, pine nuts, and pineapple :) GO FOR IT!!!

New Year's at Tippenyaki

Hi there, if you've ever been to Tippenyaki in Dublin, you probably know what I am talking about if I say, that it's great experience and so much fun. The food is lovely, portions are huge and the chefs are funny, plus they sing very well :) I went there for New Year's dinner and it was just excellent!!! First of all, you can see your food being prepared right in front of you. There is fire, show and they chop things up so quickly that you can barely take a photo. Then, your portion is massive and you also get either Miso soup or a lovely salad to start with FREE and if you are lucky, the chefs will sing for you while you're eating.

Miso Soup :)

And the show has begun ...

Rice Heart!

Oh my duck was amazing!!!

Brilliant entertaining! They rocked!

The Lovely Prawns