Friday, February 25, 2011

Chocolate Mousse

I got a brilliant gift from a friend of mine from France, dark chocolate for cooking. I found the recipe for this simple chocolate mousse on the back of the packet. The only thing I changed was that I just added a bit of sugar to the egg whites, and decorated it with fresh berries and roasted coconut. I served a few of them in Martini glasses and some in ramekins. It's VERY important to use good quality dark chocolate. Coconut and berries work beautifully with the rich taste of chocolate. Don't forget to serve it chilled. The recipe is in my comments. Merci Beaucoup RIHAM :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thai Steamboat For My Friends!

This is absolutely fabulous, amazing and DELICIOUS dish that I've been making for years now. I just LOVE it. I got the pot on my birthday last year. I used regular pots before so don't worry, if you don't own one of those. The most important is the soup you use and fresh meats and vegetables. It's entirely up to you what ingredients you decide to placed into the pot. Have anything, as long as you are having a nice company of friends and maybe some beer to cool down the spiciness of CURRY! Even though this Chinese fondue or steamboat originates in Mongolia I always make Thai version of it. Just love Thai Red Chicken soup too much :)

Lemon Polenta Cake

When my friend Sabina suggested that we could bake a polenta cake together, I got very excited. I never ate such a cake before. We used a lovely recipe from the internet changing a few things. About a month later I was invited to dinner at my friend's and I wanted to make this polenta cake. So I did. On my way to theirs I met Sabina in town. I thought it was kinda funny to meet her in the city centre of Dublin, carrying the polenta cake in my bag :) You should bake it, it's absolutely beautiful and different!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Three Course Dinner

Me and my friends Niki and Ove decided to get together and experience nice food and wine. Ove and Niki brought amazing wine and me and Stefan cooked. I am so lucky to have Stefan because he always comes up with great ideas! It's always success when he pickes food I should cook! It took us a good while before we prepared and cooked everything, but c'mon, that was home cooked 3 course dinner :)

Because we knew, that Niki loves prawns, we made Prawns with Parmesan Cream and Pancetta to start with. I also baked Cheese Straws instead of bread. It is a bit salty dish, so don't use salt at all. It was served with wonderful champagne!!!

This is a Swedish classic, that I decided to serve a little bit differently. Tenderloin with Creamy Rosé Pepper Sauce, Baked Mashed Potatoes and Cherry Tomatoes. It is very important that you use Rosé pepper, it makes all the magic! JUST FAB!

Oh yeah! If you like Chocolate, Lime and Lemon you should give it a try! It's a rich chocolate cake, and the recipe uses ground almonds instead of flour! Because it's very dense you only need a little slice with some whipped cream!

Ove's choice of wine :
Beaumont de Crayeres - 2008 - Grande Reserve NV - Champagne France
Starter: Chateau Laubarit - 2005 - Grand Vin - Bordeaux France
Main: Altano - 2008 - Reserva - Duoro Portugal
Main: Chateau Cos Labory - 2007 - Grand Cru - St Estephe appellation (sub-region in Bordeaux) France
Dessert: Gerard Bertrand - 2002 - Grand Cru - Banyuls appellation (sub-region in Languedoc) France

Recipes of all 3 dishes are in my comments!!!