Monday, February 27, 2012

Malta here we come!

Oooh dear. Just booked mine and Stefan's holiday in Malta. We are going in about a month for 5 full days. Can't wait to walk the streets of Valletta, see the beautiful islands around, just chill on the roof by the pool and eat their national rabbit dish :) Hopefully the weather will be nice and warm. Just the way I like it!!!
Here is the roof terrace of the hotel we are staying in.
Looks nice, doesn't it?
Valletta, get ready for us. We are so excited to see ya.

This is not enough for us of course. We booked another holiday tonight. We are going to the Czech Republic for a few days in August. So currently we have 3 holidays to look forward to.
March - Malta
June - Sweden & Norway
August - The Czech Republic


  1. Yeaahhhh!! I wish it was March 23rd today :D

    Does anyone know of good places we should go to?? We are staying in Sliema!


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