Monday, March 19, 2012

Waffles and The Dragon

Our friend Lisa who used to live in Dublin some time ago paid us a visit yesterday. She lives in Barcelona now and came to Ireland for a few days to meet her friends and celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Another friend of ours Jennie came too. Stefan surprised us all with his amazing Swedish style waffles that we ate with loads of whipped cream, raspberry and strawberry jam, and some with chocolate. It was so nice to catch up and listen to all the juicy stories about Barcelona’s night life, people, food and the famous pickpockets.

Jennie had to leave quite early because she had to go to work in the morning. We opened some wine and talked for hours. And then we got drunk! Yes, again! It might have been Lisa’s stories that made us in the mood to dance, it might have been the wine, and it also might have been the fact that we didn’t go out over the weekend. We grabbed a taxi off the street and headed into town. We ended up going to the Dragon which is a well known gay club in Dublin. The music was surprisingly really good. They must have changed the DJ!!! We danced and drank a lot. It was a brilliant spontaneous night out. I only hope Lisa caught her flight in the morning and everything went fine on her way to the SOUTH. Thanks so much for last night. See you soon ;-)

Last photo of us 3 drunks before going out!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Brussels Sprouts Are Fab!!

Happy St. Paddy's Day to all of you! It's been a really nice day so far. Work was fun and the day flew by so fast. Stefan and I are at home tonight, cooking and listening to music. Cosy time!! So what's on today's menu? Roast Tenderloin with rosè pepper, Brussels sprouts that are by the way our new favourite vegetable, and yet again Dauphinoise potatoes. Well, I don't think that anything I've cooked recently was healthy. There is always a Monday for a healthy start..I don't know about this Monday coming though. It's a bank holiday and I am sure we will find an excuse to eat loads again. Tuesday it is then. We are going to Malta on Friday!! Malta here we come... pale as never, fat and broke. It'll be great fun ;)

This takes a while but when you taste the final product, it will pay off!!!

And here it is. Our Saturday dinner!

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Chicken Steak Sandwich

Hello there, finally it's Friday! Not like it matters that much to me since I'm working over the weekend, but somehow it feels nice. After the whole day of unpacking boxes of delivery and packing them up again with shoes that need to be transferred, waiting for a candidate that never showed up for an interview and being totally stressed of not knowing a thing for my exams that will take place in about 3 weeks, I felt like doing absolutely nothing tonight. Well, that was until Stefan asked me what I was cooking for dinner. The first thoughts?? NOTHING!! But I couldn't do it, not today. The thought of making some nice food made me feel relaxed. This is what I LOVE to do. Cooking makes me happy!! It's like I disappear into a different world where the ONLY thing I worry about is whether the person/people I am cooking for are going to like it or not.

I went to our local Lidl shop and walked around for a while, I needed an inspiration. When I saw the gorgeous smelling freshly baked buns (I love the new concept) I knew that I had to use them. I got some chicken breasts, rocket, mushrooms, tomatoes, oven chips and some buns ;-) It felt so good when we sat at the table, ate loads and spent most of the night watching crap TV. America's Next Top Model British Invasion (season 18), Modern Family, Project Runway and E! What an evening, lol. If any of you are celebrating St. Paddy's day tomorrow, enjoy it!!! Have a great one!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A good couple of days

I felt like I deserved to be pampered last Friday after work so I went to Peter Mark to have my hair cut. The moment I got there I was being spoiled by the lovely staff working there. I got a relaxing head massage and a cup of coffee. When Judy the hairdresser that looked after me introduced herself we clicked instantly!! Such a cool lady. I told her that I had been disappointed with most hairdressers I had gone to. She didn't like that! She listened to me and tried a few things before she started cutting my hair. Well, this was the first time I had so much fun at a hair salon and was very satisfied with my haircut. Thumbs up Peter Mark and especially Judy!

My fresh haircut!

This bit was a challenge for Judy!

Later in the evening our friend and a fantastic fashion blogger Rena paid us a visit. We hadn't seen each other in more than a year!! I decided to make some juicy steaks and so I did. I had a bit of a dilemma with the side dish though. I once tasted Dauphinoise Potatoes at Wild Goose Grill in Ranelagh (Dublin) and I nearly died. It was so damn good. I thought about it for a second and then decided to try to make it with our steak. I sliced the potatoes with potato peeler (really thin) and layered them with garlic & butter, parmesan cheese, cream and salt & pepper. It was a perfect side dish to the steak, even though the preparation took ages so we had to eat really late. I made some baked mushrooms with garlic, steamed asparagus and pink pepper sause.

This is me preparing the mushrooms!

Rib eye steak!

We had a few drinks too. Well, maybe too many drinks in fact. There was some dancing, singing, photo taking and also hair styling. After a while we went to town and partied for the rest of the night. I had an awful hangover the next day and I did not envy Rena that she had to go to work in the morning.


After spending most of the day in bed and eating Thai takeaway, I had to get up and went out with the lovely girls from work. We went to this cool Rainforest Adventrue Golf centre in Dundrum (Dublin) and played mini golf surrounded by sounds of thunderstorm, monkeys and other creatures. It was really funny! We had some ice cream later on and went for some pints. Again!! I can only say that I had a brilliant weekend, but I am still recovering!

I just love this sign!!!