Friday, March 16, 2012

Chicken Steak Sandwich

Hello there, finally it's Friday! Not like it matters that much to me since I'm working over the weekend, but somehow it feels nice. After the whole day of unpacking boxes of delivery and packing them up again with shoes that need to be transferred, waiting for a candidate that never showed up for an interview and being totally stressed of not knowing a thing for my exams that will take place in about 3 weeks, I felt like doing absolutely nothing tonight. Well, that was until Stefan asked me what I was cooking for dinner. The first thoughts?? NOTHING!! But I couldn't do it, not today. The thought of making some nice food made me feel relaxed. This is what I LOVE to do. Cooking makes me happy!! It's like I disappear into a different world where the ONLY thing I worry about is whether the person/people I am cooking for are going to like it or not.

I went to our local Lidl shop and walked around for a while, I needed an inspiration. When I saw the gorgeous smelling freshly baked buns (I love the new concept) I knew that I had to use them. I got some chicken breasts, rocket, mushrooms, tomatoes, oven chips and some buns ;-) It felt so good when we sat at the table, ate loads and spent most of the night watching crap TV. America's Next Top Model British Invasion (season 18), Modern Family, Project Runway and E! What an evening, lol. If any of you are celebrating St. Paddy's day tomorrow, enjoy it!!! Have a great one!


  1. If you are interested in a recipe for this one, let me know :-) Thank you!!

  2. it makes the people you cook for happy as well!trust me:-)


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