Monday, March 19, 2012

Waffles and The Dragon

Our friend Lisa who used to live in Dublin some time ago paid us a visit yesterday. She lives in Barcelona now and came to Ireland for a few days to meet her friends and celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Another friend of ours Jennie came too. Stefan surprised us all with his amazing Swedish style waffles that we ate with loads of whipped cream, raspberry and strawberry jam, and some with chocolate. It was so nice to catch up and listen to all the juicy stories about Barcelona’s night life, people, food and the famous pickpockets.

Jennie had to leave quite early because she had to go to work in the morning. We opened some wine and talked for hours. And then we got drunk! Yes, again! It might have been Lisa’s stories that made us in the mood to dance, it might have been the wine, and it also might have been the fact that we didn’t go out over the weekend. We grabbed a taxi off the street and headed into town. We ended up going to the Dragon which is a well known gay club in Dublin. The music was surprisingly really good. They must have changed the DJ!!! We danced and drank a lot. It was a brilliant spontaneous night out. I only hope Lisa caught her flight in the morning and everything went fine on her way to the SOUTH. Thanks so much for last night. See you soon ;-)

Last photo of us 3 drunks before going out!


  1. The waffels was amazing!! Thank you sooooo much


    1. You are more than welcome. I'm glad you liked them :) Stefan is a waffle master!!


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