Saturday, April 28, 2012

Job well done!

Yamamori's Lunch Box

Hello! I'm sorry that I haven't written a thing in past few days. My exams are finally over and I feel like I can live a little again. Well, at least until the next and final semester is finished. It's been stressful and painful, but I survived and I hope the results will be alright. After my exam I met up with Stefan in town and we went to our favourite Japanese restaurant Yamamori. I ordered their lunch box and Stefan had his usual Seafood Yaki Soba. Then we had a stroll through the city centre and bought new fragrance. The lady who served us was so sweet and she totally made our day, she gave us DKNY freebee! I feel like I deserve a good quality evening with my boy and our lovely friends.

All Hallows College

Chicken Salad, Miso Soup, Hake and 2 pieces of Sushi

Burberry Weekend, DKNY Body Lotion, Joop! Thrill

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