Friday, April 6, 2012


Even though we were very sad about Princess we still had to go on our holiday in Malta! The flight was very early in the morning, but that was ok. At least we had the whole afternoon in Malta. It was a little cloudy the first day, but we enjoyed the warm breeze and the feeling of being abroad.

Our hotel in Sliema was absolutely fabulous, and because we were there off season it was quite cheap too! The first night we went for a long walk and explored the area a bit. We ended up eating in one Maltese restaurant (Gululu) and I ordered Spaghetti biz-Zalza tal-Fenek, which is spaghetti with rabbit sauce. I read that when you are in Malta, you have to taste their rabbit. I must say that I was a little unsure about rabbit, but the one I ate at Gululu was absolutely gorgeous.

What a tasty combo of carrots, peas, garlic, parsley and tomatoes. The next day we went on a bus tour around the island. I really like the sightseeing bus tours. We hopped off in a couple of places and walked around a little. Stefan and I were very impressed with Mdina. What an extraordinary city. If you ever go, visit this old capital of Malta (it was built about 1500BC).

As you can imagine, after the whole day (sunny day) on the bus and no suntan cream, our faces turned bright red. Oh yeah, we will never learn a lesson. It happens every time the sun comes up. We feel like we have to tan as much as possible. I guess it has something to do with us being in Dublin where the sun shines only a few days a year ;) We went out that night and it was a great party. We went to Klozet which is a local gay club. We met a few nice people who we danced and drank the whole night with. The day after 2 friends who we met at the club invited us for a cup of coffee and offered us a small tour. It was very nice of them to show us around. Later on we spent the rest of the day in bed, because the hangover was terrible. The day after we went on another trip to Gozo and Blue Lagoon in Comino. That was absolutely amazing. When we arrived in the blue lagoon we felt like in a paradise. There were almost no people, the sun was shining, the water was crystal clear and I swam!!! I was hesitant at first, because the water was really cold, but then I took a deep breath and jumped! What a fantastic day.

On the way to the harbour we were showed some amazing caves and headed back to Malta. The last day of our stay we were picked up by another friend we made during our stay. He picked us up and drove us around the southern part of Malta. He showed us loads of intersting places and we ate our last dinner in one cute fishing village. The seafood was stunning. Our now Maltese friend drove us close by places we didn't know existed in Malta. We had no idea that the Megalithic Temples are even older than the Pyramids. Thank you for showing us! We have been back from Malta for over a week now and we truly miss the lovely weather. Something went wrong with the weather over here in Ireland in past few days. So damn cold!!!

Breakfast of the holiday. I ate this almost every morning!

Our roof terrace! Rocca Nettuno Suites!

Valletta right before sunset!

Me looking at the beatiful blue lagoon!

Caves in Comino!


  1. Wow it looks awesome!
    I would love to go there too~

    1. Thank you! You should, it is really pretty!!

    2. Stunning! Great for you guys.

  2. Hi from CZ! Thanks for this article, I'm going to Malta in August and I can't wait! I hope it's gonna be as wonderful as in your pics. I want to encourage you to continue with the blog as I saw you dropped it few years ago. Tell people about your amazing life!


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