Monday, April 16, 2012

Quick Dinner

Hi! I'm sorry about the little break in posting. I have so much to study for my tomorrow's and Saturday's exams, and I worked over the weekend that I had almost no time for anything else. I hope you all are well! I just cooked quick dinner for Stefan and I and now it's time to study again. We ate tenderloin and roast vegetables with Greek cheese and herbs. It was really easy, I just sliced the tenderloin, marinated quickly in garlic, lemon pepper and salt, then fried for 5 minutes and popped it in the oven for other 10 minutes. The vegetables are roast in the oven for 35 minutes with some olive oil, Greek cheese and herbs. Have a lovely evening.


  1. nam nam, prestehujte se do Prahy, chybi mi nase spolecne vecere :) N.

    1. Ani mi nemluv, moc nám chybí naše hodování a ty vaše úchvátné dobroty. A ten vaječný koňak :)


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