Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Sound Of Music

I am one of those who listen to all kinds of music genres. And I think there is nothing wrong with that. I totally love all the divas such as Whitney, Beyoncè, Celine and Gaga, and time to time I listen to completely different artists. The Muse, for example, always cure the weird moods and inspire me to do things. There are days when I listen to some of their songs for hours and hours.

Funky speakers

How do you feel about Eurovision? I love Euphoria by Loreen who is representing Sweden this year. The moment I heard the song I knew it would be big. I have read and heard from people that the song might win the whole thing! I hope it will.

This is not Euphoria, but I heard the song last night and I think it's beautiful. Enjoy!

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