Sunday, April 8, 2012


Do you remember when I wrote about this amazing seafood we ate in Malta? It was most definitely delicious, but I think the food was contaminated. It doesn’t look so from the photo below, does it?

How can something this pretty be so vicious?

 A couple of days after we came back from our holiday both Stefan and I started to feel bad. We both had terrible stomach problems and fever. We had to go to the hospital!!  After we waited long 12 hours our lovely doctor took some blood samples and put us on a drip. Oh how amazing it felt to be connected to the juicy, energy giving drip! The whole thing wasn’t a pleasant experience, but at least we found out what it’s like to be hospitalized in Ireland. Our first time!!! It took a while, but we are fully recovered now.

Enjoying myself?

And as usual I couldn't stop laughing...

Stefan loved his new accessory!

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