Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Delight

I felt a little bit sad that I had to work the whole day today. The weather was just fabulous again and I had to stay inside for most of the day. Afer work I walked home and when I passed by our little garden in the courtyard I was surprised to see Jennie and Stefan waving at me with a glass of sparkling drink in their hands. When I came closer I saw a lovely display of food and a smoking grill behind them. They prepared delicious marinated pork loin, big chunks of fresh vegetables and bagels with chopped garlic & olive oil. I was so happy. We grilled the goods and went up to our apt where we ate it all. Thank you so much for a special Sunday evening. Kram!

Jennie's & Stefan's Marinade:
5tbsp olive oil
3tbsp soya sauce
2cloves chopped garlic
ground rose peppe & salt

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