Saturday, June 9, 2012

Princess of China

Weekend again, the time is flying so fast! And guess what, I am working. But I treated myself yesterday and went to a local pub with my boy and we had a couple of pints. Well maybe more than a couple. I drank Smithwick’s and Stefan enjoyed his Heineken. We didn’t stay long, but went to a shop where we got some more beers and Bulmers which we mixed with blackcurrant squash. So tasty! It was some night, we sang Karaoke, danced a bit and got kinda drunk.

 I stole Stefan's glasses for a sec!

Swedish crisp rolls (skorpor) with butter
 and tuna mayo

The plan for tonight is to stay in. I have a pie in the oven and then we are gonna watch a movie. If you haven’t seen the new video of Coldplay and Rihanna, check it out! I think it’s cool.

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