Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Serenity Wexford

Sometimes we just need to switch off a little bit. Some of us work hard, some stress about everything or worry about nothing, and some of us do it all. Just like me. If you ever feel like you need a little bit of serenity, go somewhere nice. Somewhere where mobile phones are either switched off or work only for the purpose of uploading fabulous photos on facebook, where people are kind, where you feel the energizing connection to nature. Where you can eat plenty, walk in the forest, or somewhere where you can take a calming bath, sleep and do nothing else but spoil yourself. I went to place like this over the weekend. My friends Shawn and Glenn opened up their gorgeous B&B in Camolin Park a few years ago. Stefan and I haven’t seen the boys in ages and so we decided to visit them. We had a brilliant time with them and their dogs and cats. If you want to check their website, click here. PS: Boys, I hope we will meet soon again maybe in Dublin the next time!

Serenity in Camolin Park, Wexford

Relaxing area in their fab garden

This is the most comfortable bed ever!

This is one amazing bathroom


  1. The photos are AMAZING!!!!

    1. Aaawww, thank you. Stefan took them while I directed him, lol!


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