Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stormy sea

Hey, we didn't see any dolphins but we spotted some puffins and other lovely birdies. But the crazy thing was the way to Kirkenes! The boat couldn't go through the fjords in that area so it went on the open sea and I'm telling you it was some ride. The wind caused some mad waves and the boat was jumping as a kid on a trampoline. It was fun at first but after twenty minutes our bellies didn't think so. Luckily we didn't get sick but very nauseous, for the first time I had to take sea sick pills and stayed outside on the deck for as long as I could.

That evening we were served some amazing looking sea food, however it looked better than it tasted, unfortunately! There were some things that tasted lovely but the overall experience was a little disappointing. The best thing I ate from the buffet was a reindeer stew with mushrooms, lol. When we arrived in Kirkenes we took a tour around the town and to a Russian border, we could could only take some pics of the border and buy some souvenirs as we were not allowed to cross over to Russia, of course! Later we took a flight to Oslo. Get the party started!

Russian & Norwegian Flags

Me and Stefan

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