Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Whale safari in Andenes

Past few days have been really special. The north of Sweden is absolutely marvelous and I would love to go back one day. After we took a train through the mountains to Norway I was shocked to see so much beauty. The scenery is just spectacular! We are staying in a cozy town called Harstad. We went to a whale safari in Andenes today and we were very lucky that we could see a family of pilot whales and a massive sperm whale. I could not complain a bit. The weather was amazing and we didn't have to look for the whales that much as they were hanging out just twenty minutes away from the harbour. We heard that people who came to the safari yesterday didn't see a single one. It was quite unusual that there were a few Czech tourists, and even one of the guides was Czech so I took a tour in the local museum in Czech language. What a day! Can't wait for tomorrow's cruise through the fjords. Look at some pics that Stefan took with his phone,I took about a million of them with my camera so I will post a few when I'm back in Dublin.

Sperm Whale

Pilot Whale

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  1. Oh MY GOD!!!! I wanna be there! I got so exited when I saw the pictures I almost p***** myself.


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