Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Birthday!

Hello! Nearly a week ago I experienced the best birthday ever. I turned 25!! I never thought I could feel so special on my birthday. Stefan woke me up with a beautiful birthday cake and gifts. I was so shocked and impressed!
My Birthday Cake
While I was eating the delish cake he played me a video he had been working on for months. The moment I saw the first clip I started crying. And I cried for about 13 minutes. I didn’t expect such a beautiful gift at all. Well, you should have a look yourself.

I would like to thank everyone who is in this video, it really made me feel extremely happy. And a big thank you for all the beautiful gifts I got from my friends and family.
After I calmed down a little bit I went to work, it was hard to stay focused as I thought of all the people in the video. I cried a couple of times during the day, lol! My team gave me a beautiful bonsai tree and I hope it will survive and I’m going to have it for many many years. I also got a box full of muffins from my dear friend Natalia. I must have gained a couple of kilos since last week.  WHATEVER!
Birthday Muffins
In the evening I met up with Stefan in town and we headed to a restaurant where we had a reservation. For the two of us, well that’s what I thought. He surprised me again, because when I entered the restaurant I was welcomed by my lovely friends I hadn’t seen in ages. I was so happy! The restaurant was fabulous too! Italian! We had a really nice time, I got spoiled with loads of other amazing gifts and the food was just amazing. Before I got my desert, Stefan gave me another gift. Yes, another one. I got a gorgeous wallet from Ted Baker and inside the wallet I found something else. I found a voucher. He paid a holiday in ROME for the two of us in a 5* hotel! I still can’t believe how much I got from him that day. Stefan, thank you so much, you made me feel really special on my birthday. It’ll be hard to top that on your 30th, lol.
Tall Ships
The day after my birthday I was off (which was fab as I drank some wine at the restaurant) and I stayed in bed most of the day watching “Smash”! In the evening I went to see the tall ships that came to Dublin, it was really nice, even though it rained and my umbrella broke. When I was walking in town a guy from Amnesty stopped me and we talked a little. He asked me if my life was going to change if I donate €5 a month and I said no. But those five euro each month (he said) might change someone else’s life so I signed up. Later in the evening I met up with my friend Elsa who invited me to a beautiful French restaurant for dinner. The food was just stunning. Thank you Elsa for taking me there and thank you for those delicious macarons!
Food at Pichet
It feels like it’s been a long time ago since my birthday, but it’s not over yet. We are going out on Friday, yet again Stefan is organizing it so I have no clue about who is coming or where we are going, but I am totally excited. Partyyyyyy!




Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Story

This song is so pretty! Take your time and listen if you want to.

Six Years Anniversary

It’s been six years since Stefan and I started going out. We met in a beautiful place in Greece where we worked as “beach boys”. After Greece we were apart for a long time. Then we lived in the Czech Republic and Sweden. About four years ago we moved to Dublin and we have lived here since then. So today we celebrated our anniversary. I made tasty Miso soup with fresh salmon, tofu, seaweed and spring onions and homemade sushi. This day couldn’t be any better! Stefan got promoted today, so CONGRATULATIONS my love. I am incredibly proud of you! You make my life special and I hope we will have many more anniversaries to celebrate.  
Stefan and I six years ago

Miso Soup & Sushi

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Czech Holiday

Hey there! What a crazy couple of weeks. I had my final exams at the end of July and right after the exams Stefan and I went to the Czech Republic for a few days. First, we went to Ostrava where we spent some good quality time with my family, and then we travelled to South Moravia, to a gorgeous place called Zaječí where our friends Niki and Ove got married.
My family

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, thank you guys for having us, we had a brilliant time! Everything was just perfect, the weather, the food, the wine and the fantastic company of lovely people.
The Newlyweds


Me and Stefan

We spent the last day of our quick holiday in Prague. I had nearly forgotten how beautiful the city is. Despite the fact the city was packed with thousands of tourists, we enjoyed the beauty of the old city centre. If you’ve never been, you should pay Prague a visit!
Prague - Day

Prague - Night

Coming back wasn’t easy! As you can imagine, we were wrecked and going back to work is always tough after whatever holiday you come back from. I will spend most of the month working crazy shifts as it is Back To School time and all kids from Dublin need new shoes for their new school year. But that doesn’t stop me from cooking some good stuff and hopefully posting them on my blog. So tomorrow I’m cooking some Japanese. It’s our 6 years anniversary and homemade sushi is something I would like to celebrate it with. Stefan, get ready for some feast!