Friday, September 21, 2012

Proud Adoptive Parents!

A few days ago Stefan and I decided to adopt a whale. We have been thinking of doing something good for whales or dolphins in a long time and this was just perfect. We both love orcas and that’s why we decided to adopt one. Her name is Havannah and she was born in 1974 in British Columbia. She has never had a baby; this makes Havannah very unique amongst the northern resident orca females. But she is a cool aunt to her sister’s offspring. We are so happy! There are many other whales and dolphins that need our support. If you are interested in helping those marvellous creatures visit their website here and see what can be done!
Orca Pack & Information which we received from
If you decide to adopt a whale or a dolphin you are going to help to protect whales and dolphins from the many man-made threats they face such as hunting, entanglement in fishing nets, captivity, chemical and noise pollution, ship strikers and climate change. Your adoption will help WDCS to continue to do all they can to give Havannah and many other whales and dolphins a future!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Marie, the lovely cousin!

Marie is back!! Well, at least for a few days. For now! It has been too long since we saw each other and talked and drank and had a cosy time and all. Marie, you rock! Missed you loads!!! I have to say that Stefan is extra happy, as he could finally fix some extraordinary hair!
Cheers babe!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Good Stuff To Watch

Even though I worked on a beautiful day like today (about 22 degrees Celsius) I had a great one! In the evening I ate barbecued prawns, vegetable skewers and sausages. Thank you Stefan and Jennie! Then we watched the X-Factor and one really great film. The film is called “Circumstance” and I found it interesting and quite different. 

Iranian Story Of Forbidden Love & Obsession

In the past few days Stefan and I have been watching a remarkable series of documentaries called Human Planet!! We watched the last episode tonight and it was the perfect ending of today.I highly recommend you all to watch it, it’s breathtaking! Here comes a short list of documentaries I love and I think you might like them too:

The Cove

Human Planet



Ocean’s Giants

And here comes "Home" it is marvellous!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dolphin Project

Since I was a child I have been obsessed with dolphins and whales. My biggest obsession has always been Killer Whales and I just wanted to see them. I never cared whether it was in an aquarium or in the wild. I just loved everything about those amazing animals! Unfortunately there is neither sea nor ocean in the Czech Republic and as a kid I couldn’t travel to see one, except for Croatia (family holiday) where I watched out for whales and dolphins each and every year but I never saw one. It took many years before I first saw dolphins.I saw them in an aquarium. The moment I saw them I cried. I cried because I was so touched and overwhelmed. They were so beautiful.

From The Internet!

I thought they were happy, because they looked like it. Then I watched several documentaries about dolphins in captivity and I was shocked to see what was happening to those stunning creatures! When a friend of mine showed me a video of orcas performing in a pool I experienced a different kind of feelings. I was devastated! They looked so unhappy, so bored and I wished I could just release them into the wild. It was awful!! That very moment I told to myself that I would NEVER support any of this and I will fight to protect whales and dolphins from being killed and kept in captivity. Check out this video and share it if you can. We can make a change!!!

I haven't seen any Killer Whales yet, but one day I will. And it'll be in the wild! Never ever in a pool!!!