Friday, September 7, 2012

Dolphin Project

Since I was a child I have been obsessed with dolphins and whales. My biggest obsession has always been Killer Whales and I just wanted to see them. I never cared whether it was in an aquarium or in the wild. I just loved everything about those amazing animals! Unfortunately there is neither sea nor ocean in the Czech Republic and as a kid I couldn’t travel to see one, except for Croatia (family holiday) where I watched out for whales and dolphins each and every year but I never saw one. It took many years before I first saw dolphins.I saw them in an aquarium. The moment I saw them I cried. I cried because I was so touched and overwhelmed. They were so beautiful.

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I thought they were happy, because they looked like it. Then I watched several documentaries about dolphins in captivity and I was shocked to see what was happening to those stunning creatures! When a friend of mine showed me a video of orcas performing in a pool I experienced a different kind of feelings. I was devastated! They looked so unhappy, so bored and I wished I could just release them into the wild. It was awful!! That very moment I told to myself that I would NEVER support any of this and I will fight to protect whales and dolphins from being killed and kept in captivity. Check out this video and share it if you can. We can make a change!!!

I haven't seen any Killer Whales yet, but one day I will. And it'll be in the wild! Never ever in a pool!!!

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