Sunday, September 9, 2012

Good Stuff To Watch

Even though I worked on a beautiful day like today (about 22 degrees Celsius) I had a great one! In the evening I ate barbecued prawns, vegetable skewers and sausages. Thank you Stefan and Jennie! Then we watched the X-Factor and one really great film. The film is called “Circumstance” and I found it interesting and quite different. 

Iranian Story Of Forbidden Love & Obsession

In the past few days Stefan and I have been watching a remarkable series of documentaries called Human Planet!! We watched the last episode tonight and it was the perfect ending of today.I highly recommend you all to watch it, it’s breathtaking! Here comes a short list of documentaries I love and I think you might like them too:

The Cove

Human Planet



Ocean’s Giants

And here comes "Home" it is marvellous!

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