Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Angelica's Pasta

When Stefan’s sister Angelica and her partner Ulf came to visit us in Dublin a few weeks ago we had loads of fun. We had a nice walk in the Powerscourt Gardens, did the “pub crawl” and we ATE a lot too! Angelica told us about a dish she cooks every now and then for her family and friends, both Stefan and I were drooling the moment she mentioned asparagus, pasta and salmon. One evening the lovely couple cooked the dish for us and it was absolutely gorgeous. It’s been just 3 weeks since they were here but I have already cooked it twice. I am completely hooked on the taste of it. They served the meal with a delicious Tomato & Avocado salad. Check out the recipes and see what you think! Thanks a mill, Angelica and Ulf!!

Angelica’s Pasta (4 servings):

500g Fresh Pasta
250g Smoked Salmon
Zest of 1 Lemon
300ml Cream
Asparagus (bunch of 8 pieces)
½ Glass White Wine
Fresh dill (1 bunch, leave some for garnishing)
Lemon Pepper (or regular)
Boil your pasta in a large pot. Pour the cream into a cooking pan, heat until it starts to simmer. Cut each asparagus to 3 pieces, slice the salmon and add both to the simmering cream. Add lemon zest, wine, dill, salt and pepper and let it cook for a few minutes. When your pasta is ready and drained, pour the mixture over it and serve with a slice of lemon and some fresh dill.
When I last cooked it, I added some sliced and fried oyster mushrooms into the mixture and it was beautiful too!


Tomato & Avocado Salad

200g Cherry tomatoes
1 Avocado
Lemon Oil
Balsamic cream
Salt & Pepper
Mix all ingredients in a bowl, season and serve with your pasta dish.

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