Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fluffy Dog

Hiya! Here are the promised photos from this weekend. Otis seems to like posing by the usual door!! Or maybe I just love taking his photos by that door…As you can see he is all fluffed up and clean. Unfortunately this state only lasts for about an hour or until he decides to dig or run into a pool of rain water. We have been playing most of the day, and yet he was full of energy while I was trying to watch a film last night. He fell asleep right after the film was finished!! Today is the day we start training how to walk on a leach.


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  1. Chacha, necekane bily pes nevydrzi bily :P Ale jinak je moc roztomily a hodi se k vam :) Zdravim z Osla! N.


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